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A very late Eid Mubarak to you all! I haven’t gotten the time to blog in such a while but I will have something up for you guys tomorrow! Inshallah. 

Hey guys! If you can just go on over to this amazing girls youtube channel and subscribe or like her video it would mean the world to me! She has a bunch of videos coming out soon! Skits, rants, hijabi life, desi life, randoms everything! Go check her out, subscribe give this video a thumbs up and comment to show your support. Sending off positive vibes! This girl is purely awesome sauce by the way! (she’s a good friend of mine).
Believe me it takes A LOT of courage to start up a youtube channel!


Ramaḍān: the first 10 are Mercy (Raḥmā)


Ramaḍān: the first 10 are Mercy (Raḥmā)

So I just got around to finally watch Divergent! It was perfect! 💕😍

Day 27 Islamic live streaming lecture

Mufti Ismail Menk Live Streaming lecture.

Be hopeful. The Almighty’s plan is always better than ours even though we may never fully understand it .

Mufti Ismail Menk
Current read.

Current read.

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I wanted to keep you guys posted on everything and new and exciting things that are coming your way. I would first like to thank all of you who have been long time followers of mine and welcome my new followers into our family. I’m trying out new things on my blog both on this blog, my second tumblr as well as my blog post! So go follow all those blogs to keep updated on all the new excited things i’m working on! There are going to be a bunch of do it yourself projects! I have already posted one of the diy projects, on both this blog and my blog post! There are also going to be recipes! yum, now some of you might be fasting right now so i’m not going to go in detail but the next recipe that’s coming up will be something to do with chocolate and pretzels (hint hint)😉. Now if your interested in all the new updates and work i am putting into my blogs please, please, please go ahead and follow me on both. This will let me know that you all will enjoy the updates and benefit from them, the links will be below! The final thing I would like to say before I end this off is that I need your help in getting feedback so message me!! I will respond, trust me! Even if you just type a simple  hello it would brighten my day to know you dropped by my inbox. Thank you all! I look forward to seeing your messages! 

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